International Day For Biological Diversity

International Day For Biological Diversity has been proclaimed by the United Nations and aims to promote biodiversity as a global value of inestimable importance to present and future generations. It is celebrated on May 22 every year, and this year’s slogan is We’re part of the solution #ForNature“.

On this Day occasion, the UN General Secretary António Guterres emphasized the importance of nature protecting, ecosystems preserving and establishing balanced relationship with our planet. The whole speech you can find on

Croatia is considered one of the Europe’s richest countries in terms of biodiversity. The reason is its specific geographical position at the crossroads of three biogeographical regions. These regions are characterized by special ecological, climatic and geoorphological conditions. Except International Day For Biological Diversity, May 22 is also celebrated as the Day of Nature Protection of the Republic of Croatia, as well as a commemoration of the Convention on Biological Diversity adoption. It is one of the most important international regulations in the field of nature protection and biodiversity conservation.