About Society

Croatian Society for Environmental Engineering (CSEE) was founded on March 22, 2020 with the aim of promoting, developing and improving the engineering profession and technical sciences in the field of environmental engineering. The goal of the CSEE activities is to spread public awareness of the importance of environmental engineering in sustainable development and in preservation and protection of nature and the environment.

CSEE achieves its goals through the development of professional and scientific cooperation with educational and scientific institutions, chambers, companies and other organizations operating in the field of environmental engineering and by encouraging and supporting professional work and exchange of professional experience in the field of environmental engineering.

Any person who has completed a study program in the field of environmental engineering, a person elected to an associate, teaching, scientific or scientific-teaching title in the field of interdisciplinary technical sciences, a branch of environmental engineering or a person professionally engaged in environmental engineering can become a member of the Society.

CSEE’s registered office is in Varaždin, Kratka 2.