• encouraging and supporting professional work and professional experiences exchange in the field of environmental engineering, water management and environmental management, waste management, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, research and development of sustainable ecosystems, preservation and protection of nature and environment, as well as protection and preservation of cultural landscapes and material cultural assets and other areas related to sustainable development and environmental engineering,
  • encouraging and supporting scientific research in natural, technical and interdisciplinary fields of science,
  • developing professional and scientific cooperation with educational and scientific institutions, chambers, companies and other bodies and organizations operating in natural, social, technical and interdisciplinary fields of science, especially in environmental engineering,
  • developing and popularizing science and profession through organizing domestic and international scientific and scientifically-professional conferences, schools, congresses and seminars, publishing scientific, professional and informative publications, encouraging innovation, organizing and implementing lifelong learning and adult education programs, development and promotion of education, promoting digital, media, reading, health, science, financial and multicultural literacy and media culture, networking and developing international scientific, professional and development cooperation, as well as encouraging and develop international friendships and mobility,
  • organizing activities to protect the dignity of environmental engineers and their constitutional and legal rights to work and education, including active monitoring of public policies, public advocacy and cooperation with the media, as well as helping and supporting unemployed colleagues, providing free legal aid and rights to information access,
  • organizing cultural gatherings and parties of cultural and social content for members and guests, sports and recreational competitions and other recreational, adventurous and educational activities in the purpose of socializing, experiences exchanging, new knowledge gaining, recreating as well as disease preventing and health improving,
  • encouraging and promoting volunteering and volunteer centers, social solidarity, poverty alleviation and addiction prevention, intercultural dialogue, good governance and local community development, cultural heritage protection, civil society development, corruption prevention and suppression, as well as development, implementation and promotion of social entrepreneurship