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Croatian Society for Environmental Engineering collects and processes the personal data of its members listed in the Application Form in accordance with the Associations Law and the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection. Membership data saved in CSEE’s List of Members are kept permanently. The list of members is kept in the form of Register of Members and the Register of Active Members in each calendar year. The list of members is updated by Secretary and can be seen from President, Vice-President and legally authorized persons. Each member of the Society has the right to inspect all personal data processed about him, while for other members has the right to inspect only the necessary data, like name, surname, accession date or termination date. CSEE does not transfer or sell personal data of its members to third parties. In case of changes to this Statement, it is not binding on the member, until confirmation that he agrees with all the changes.


By completing and submitting this Application Form I give permission for collecting and processing my personal data listed in Application Form in accordance with the Associations Law, the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection and other positive legal regulations that CSEE is obliged to implement as well as the above CSEE Statement on collection and processing personal data of members. I also agree on sharing my name, surname, title and photos as long as I am active CSEE’s member: (1) in the annual reports; (2) in the CSEE’s web page list of members; (3) in announcements of the activities which I have participated in, especially in printed and digital materials, press releases, web pages, CSEE’s projects web pages and social networks. I confirm that I am aware that at any time I can withdraw these consents (partly or fully) by sending a written statement to the CSEE’s postal or e-mail address.

Thank you for submitting the Application Form. In accordance with the Statute, the Presidency of CSEE will consider your application at its first meeting and we will inform you of the result as soon as possible. Generally, it is the last formal step of your admission to full membership, and we are already welcoming you to CSEE.


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