Earth Day 2021

Today Earth Day is celebrated in more than 150 countries around the world. The initiative was launched in San Francisco in 1969. Officially, Earth Day is celebrated since UN’s conference in 1992, wich was important for adoption a far-reaching program to promote sustainable development.

Earth Day 2021 is held under the slogan “Restore Our Earth”. We invite you to follow Earth Day Live Digital Event, which will include numerous workshops, panels and performances with the following topics: climate and environmental literacy, advanced technologies in environmental protection, afforestation benefits, sustainable agriculture, equality and environmental justice, civil science and others.

Earth Day Live Digital Event will bring together world climate leaders, activists, innovators, industrialists, artists, musicians and influencers who will unite in the fight for a better world.

Here are some tips and tricks wich help us to be eco-friendly:

  1. let’s separate the waste
  2. let’s use water carefully
  3. let’s replace old light bulbs with energy-saving ones
  4. let’s turn off the lights in a room we don’t stay in, as well as electric devices we don’t use
  5. let’s use canvas bags instead of plastic ones
  6. let’s avoid the use of disposable plastic (cups, dishes and cutlery)
  7. let’s pay bills online
  8. let’s plant a tree
  9. let’s buy organic food
  10. let’s donate things wich are still usable, but we don’t need them!